Marc started his photographic career at the sprightly age of 17 where he began by photographing bands. Marc's ability to capture evocative moments whilst not hindering the creative flow of performers was quickly recognised, and in 2008 led to him being offered his first feature "Lovelorn" at 21. Since then he has forged a successful career as a unit stills photographer.

Marc has since worked on 16 feature films and over 50 short productions with several major actors including; Timothy Spall, John Hurt, Maxine Peake, Sheila Reid, Louise Brealey, and Peter Bowles. He has also worked with Film4, Warp Films and extensively with the NFTS. Marc has also worked for Netflix and Marvel on the promotional campaign for Daredevil.

Not tied down to any genre or visual style, Marc's photography helps each project find its own creative voice for everyone to hear.

On set, Marc is in his element when creatively adapting and improvising along with the rapidly changing landscape of filming. He believes that what comes first and foremost with photography is people. Respect for his subjects, crew and actors, their craft and the nuances of working on a set are of the utmost importance. Cameras can be intimidating, so he creates a low pressure environment where people can feel free to express themselves free from self-doubt.

He also has a mild obsession of with shooting with an anamorphic aspect ratio in mind.